MY home ..... My Creation : Designed by
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Its Not just Home : Its a Dream.

The Main Features of this Techno- House are:

1) its a WIFI Zone. Connected with 2 Wireless Routers, Giving Internet Connectivity to Every Corner and each floor of house. All computers are connected to each other along with printers.
As soon as u Start your Laptop, you are connected to the Internet.

2) Wired Networking. Networking is also Done with the LAN Wire to every room including the bathrooms. it works, in case the WIFI Fails.

3) All rooms has 4 Surround Speakers which are connected to Internet Radio. and there is a Switch in every room to switch on the speakers. That is - Live music in every room.

4) Two colored Cameras are installed at the Gate, which can be viewed on any of the televisions and Computers in the home.

5) Every room has a Intercom System. so that everybody can communicate with each other.

6) Main Door can be opened from any room using the telephone, by pressing a specific Code.

7) There are Three Lighting Systems in Every Room :
White : For Regular Light
Yellow: For Luxury Look
Blue : For Cool Effect.
Every room is Equiped with three color of lights depending upon the Mood.

Its a Dream Home :  Created by