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Surjit Singh saw that his friend Baljit Singh was very depressed.

"Whathappened ?" asked Surjit. "Yaar, I lost Rs. 800 in a bet

yesterday." "How come ?" "Well, yesterday, the one-day match between

India and England was being shown live on TV.I bet Rs.500 that India

would win, but I lost the bet." " But thats only Rs.500,where did

the rest go ?" " Yaar, I bet on the highlights too"


Two fast friends, Santa Singh and Banta Singh, were great cricket fanatics.

They decided that whoever dies first will try to come back in the dreams of the other,

and tell the other about the cricket scenario in the heaven.

Santa Singh dies first. One day as Banta was fast sleep, he heard Santa calling him. He was very happy and was eager to know about cricket there.

"So, Santa! How is cricket in heaven?" Santa replied, "Hey Banta, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that tomorrow we are going to have a day & night tournament here in heaven. And the bad news is that you are the opening bowler for tommorrow's match!"