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A Sardarji joined a big Multi National Company as a
 trainee. On his first day he dialed the pantry and
 shouted into the phone, "Abey saale! Getme a coffee
 quickly!" he voice from the other side responded,
 fool you've dialed the wrong xtension! Do you know
 you're talking to, dumbo?"
 "No", replied the trainee Sardar."It's the Managing
 Director of the company, you fool!"
 The Sardarji shouted back, "And do you know who YOU
 are talking to, You Fool?"
 "No.", replied the Managing Director. "Good!"
 the Sardarji and put down the phone!


Two sardarjis stayed in the same building. One on the first floor and the

other one on the eight floor. Both were great enemies.One day the sardarji on the eight floor thought to befool the one on the first floor. He invited him for dinner.When the sardarji reached the eight floor , he found his door locked and a board at his door " Kaisa bewkoof banaya " . Sardarji felt embarrased and to outplay him, he wrote down:" " Main to yaha aya hi nahi tha"


A building was on fire. 11 Sardars were trapped on the thirtieth floor.

Some people in the opposite building, managed to find a rope andthrow ittothe

Sardars, who tied it to their end. In true film ishtyle,they begantocross over

to the other building, one behind the other,holding on to therope for dear life.

About halfway through, they realised that the ropewould not support all 11 of them.

 They all decided that one personshouldget off because if they didn't then the rope

would break and everyonewould die. No one could decide who should go. Finally the eldest made a touching speech about the value of selflessness and sacrifice,andjumped off.The other ten, moved by his sacrifice, started clapping. !!!!