Accountant's Love
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Accountant's Romance


I will CREDIT you my love, if you will DEBIT me your love.

I'll record our romance in a JOURNAL, And POST it to the LEDGER of my heart.

I'll keep an ACCOUNT of our love, Based on DOUBLE-ENTRY.

This way you'll know the BALANCE c/d, And the AMOUNT of love I have for you.

Our courtship, is carried out on WORKSHEET.  ADJUSTING ENTRIES are

necessary, To make our love steady.

TRIAL BALANCE shows, We are meant for each other, Because the TOTAL of our

love, Is one and the same.

CLOSING ENTRIES are made, When down the aisle we take.

PROFIT & LOSS statement, tells what has happened.

Let's see our BALANCE SHEET, What are our ASSETS & LIABILITIES?  Oh, my

goodness!  It shows a dozen kids!!!