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Men          &Women 

Life is Sick For men, Women can never get satisfied, Why do men Die younger?

Cool Comparison of Men and Women, How to Impress a women?

Men, Women and SANTA Story,  and everything that u can expect from a Relation



Its All About Love Honey !!!
This is the coolest section on this hottest topic !!
do u love him/her?? if u love them set them free..... Love Confusions...Love real Definitions ...and MORE !!!! 


Professional Love            

Ever Wondered, how do Professionals MAkes love??

The section includes "Accountant love for his girlfriend", "An e-mail from a software engineer to a girl on a Proposal, And The Business Love Letter.

Real Professional



Read out the Comparison between LOVE and INFATUATION

and LOVE and LIKE.




Read out the Marriage Joke Liners.

The funny side of Marriage.



Cool definitions as per the personality........

GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS....... Spends lots of time on phone
and more...........



Its all About LUCK Honey.

Check out about you and your friends, with respect to there Sun signs, Names and month @ u born.

do u know how do Gemini Pray ??

GEMINI ------Dear God! Who is God? Where is God? Why is God ?

hey i forgot to tell u i m also GEMINI.....


Ever studied Chemistry of Love, Friendship, Marriage and Romance?

This is a Cool Subject, and u will love 2 study with these topics.

Check it out.