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I have included Best Jokes, rapid fire test, funny  company policies and resignation letter, bloomers, COOL Insults, Bihari Professor in US, South Indian's Interview, cool answering machine messages, infact the best coolest stuff that will really make u laugh




R U serious in a relationship??? hmmmm no not any more. So here is a collection of cool instances on men and women. if u r a female then u will luv it, if u r a male, then u will love it even more.This section includes chemistery of love, marriage and romance. There is another section which includes professional Love by an accountant, software engineer, businessmen, etc. You can check out about your friends and u, with respect 2 the month on which u were born, or the starting letter of your name. COOL



Oh yeah, This is the most popular community on which we people crack jokes. but they are mere jokes.Please dont mind. Lets Laugh and lets make other people laugh. this is just a way 2 create humour. please be a part of it and ENJOY!!!!!! 

Real Cool Stuff. These are not only jokes but also some funny articles on surds.




Funny side of Computers,U always took it as a serious working machine. But now u cant stop laughing , as it is a humour machine. Believe me, and check out this cool section on computers.

This section includes computer cartoons, humour on Bill Gates, funny tech support and warnings and much more...............



This Section Includes BollyWood and HollyWood..............

Bollywood's Actresses without Hairs.......AUSTIN POWER's HOttest Dialogues !!!!....and Much More... Nice legs...  what time do they open?.............lol



Unexpected Happenings....Illusion.....a human face that includes every creature on planet.

i Hate u but i dont, if u read between the lines......and much more.

If u dont want to laugh then dont open it.

Gaurav always says Negative.......



Its all about Life.......Honey !!!!!

u love him?? U love him not ???....MORALS of Life....Facts of Life.....and MUCH MORE....



Nothing but Regional........this section includes articles around the world...
we got Pakistan, america and other coutries to entertain you...
but i wonder how could countries entertain you ??????????




This section includes articles and information on latest topics.
the informational section !!!



Oh, so u were wondering, that how could i leave this topic.

Well, my friends gets really irritated.., when i make double meaning on almost every thing around. So i really couldnt help to include this section on my website. i didnt want 2. I stopped myself, locked computer, tied my hands.......but Noooooo. Nothing Helped....