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Check out the cool humour on professionals like Lawyers.
"The youngest son, the twenty-year old, how old is he?"
Coolest Professional section

One/Two  Liners       

This is the Best Section...Infact this is my Favourite section in this site !!

U must Check It ........Just ONe/Two Lines Makes U Laugh 
 "Are you chewing gum?"
 "No, I'm John Smith."

  Coolest One Liners------------- Can U stop laughing ????



This section is devoted to school and college Campus.

Fun 'n' Musti, Fuchhas and Bukraas.........and More !!!
If you belongs to Campus then this section belongs to you !!

even if u dont were still part of it sometime !!



An Interview with South Indian, and Bruce LEE

The most irritating interview, that u could ever had.



Yeah its all about bihari. Check out more about them

do u know that they dont understand English. this section includes Biharee professor in US and School master at the independence day speech


I M Tired    

 Why I am Tired, well one reason is that i am working from 8 hours to build this website for  you, but there is another reason. WANNA KNOW??? if u dont wanna know that please dont open this section.



India -      America   Indians lives in America...... and create Humor...
this section includes.....big articles on india-america humor...