Resignation Letter
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Dear Sir/Madam:


I can't believe I've spent the last three years of my life working for someone like you. You are unprofessional, boring, ugly and extremely dumb.

I think that you should take some vacation time so that your employees can actually have fun at work for awhile. It's amazing how much everyone hates  you.

I was considering giving you two weeks, but after thinking about it some more I've decided that I'd rather sell oranges on the side of the highway

before spending one more day working for you.

Consider me officially resigned!

Sincerely, So & So...



Dear Sir/Madam:


You are an idiot, and I can prove it. First of all, you never realized my full potential. Second, you never even learned my name. And thirdly, you don't even know how to turn your computer on without instructions.


I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor to have your head examined a.s.a.p. He should be able to confirm the fact that you have a giant piece of crap lodged between your ears instead of a brain.


Once you've done that, you should probably also check your boots for stain marks from all of the employees you kicked over the years.


So, in other words, Sir/Madam, I resign from this crappy job. Good luck ruining other people's lives, I'm outta here.


Sincerely, So & So...