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It’s not just a Word!!

But sometimes it’s a POWER that can change your life in a Flow.

Think of a girl, who has got no friends around her…

She is totally alone in her life.

Now, the very Next guy that she meet. …Going to be very close to her!

The guy would be very important for her…more then anything!

But only as long as…she doesn’t have an OPTION!

The moment OPTION enters in her life, it spoils the relation that they two shared!!

This Happens!!

This always happens!

If anyone asks my “What is True Love?”

My answer would be “True love is the Relation that never get effected by an OPTION!!”



Let me share a Real Life Story…

There is a guy SUNIL and the Girl RITU…

They met 3 years back!!

RITU was very alone in her life…

Sunil always had Enough Friends!!

So RITU Got attracted towards SUNIL.

But SUNIL was never interested in LOVE  relationship!

So, they were in a Decent Friendship relation.

But she wanted an affair!!

She was thinking that she was in LOVE with SUNIL!!

But SUNIL always knew that it was not LOVE…. it was something like “ONLY OPTION

Cause how can u fall in love with the only friend in your life???

That’s just not possible!!

Cause the moment the other person enters in your life…. u forgets this Guy…and you move your life in a new direction………

SO I was telling about RITU…

Well, they shared a good relation

And RITU always tried to prove her love to Sunil…

But as she was trying to come more near to him, he was going even farther…

It was like, when u tell someone that how important they are for you…U Loose importance…

Moreover, Sunil never felt such feelings for RITU, so he didn’t want to commit for it.

Life was going on….

They were together for 2 years………and during this period…. RITU expected a lot from SUNIL……….but SUNIL could never fulfill her expectations!!

They used to talk sometime on phone…It was like 8 phone calls from RITU and one phone call from Sunil.

Life was going Stable until RITU met RAHUL.

RAHUL was the Next guy in RITU’s Life…

They spent some time together

And Now RITU fell in love with RAHUL

See how OPTION Changes the Choice!!

How OPTION changes the feelings!!

In fact, OPTION change the Person

Well, Let me continue the story

RITU and RAHUL committed for LOVE relationship

And RITU was so happy, as she was never Before.!!

Her life turned into a new Sparkle!!

When Sunil came to know about this relationship, he was even happier.

He thought that now he could have a decent relation with RITU…..

With no feelings in RITU’s Mind…for him!!

So these guys were sharing a very cool relation.

Sunil used to tell RITU….”RITU, u met your dream Lover…WOW…Happy life”

She used to say “he is everything for me. I cant expect a life without him” I just cant… he is my LOVE”

And once when RITU’s Parents caught her while talking on phone with RAHUL, they scolded her badly.

Then RITU said, “no, this is not a family, they don’t want me to live…. I cant live like that.

Now… OPTION makes People Selfish!!

They are the parents who loved her till last year

They were everything for her, till she met these 2 guys

But now they are nothing for Her!!

So OPTION make people SELFISH…. in fact, Real Selfish!!

Well, so let me continue the story…

So RITU loved RAHUL a lot, and was sharing cool relation with SUNIL also…with No love feeling for SUNIL NOW….

She used to share perfect communication with RAHUL; she always used to think about him…making phone calls, . …talking to him....That’s what she used to do

Things were going cool till RITU met VISHAAL.

VISHAAL met her in Life.

He proposed her but she denied…. but still he was a CRUSH for her…

They had a good time in office.

They even used to DATE …sometimes

And in this process RITU Stopped communicating with RAHUL!

She didn’t mean it, but it was just that she didn’t feel like missing him!!

She didn’t feel like calling him on phone or sending any e-mail!!

An OPTION again changed her life!!

An OPTION changed the way she thinks

An OPTION again changed the CONTENT in her MIND

And yeah CONTENT is the KING

Anyway, Life was going pretty cool with RITU’s Date “VISHAAL”

This was a cool relation without any commitments, in which VISHAAL was always interested in making a Love relation with RITU,

Life was going on and on…till there was a summer trip for 5 days…

RITU joined that group to enjoy her holidays!!

She left the Town with Tears…and asked VISHAAL that what should she get for him??

VISHAAL said “You” she said, “sure, I will be back…. SOON”

She left…and on the trip she met this guy “PRAVEEN”

PRAVEEN brought a new joy in her life…

She could feel more secured with him

She had much fun during this trip

All time with PRAVEEN!

And PRAVEEN was a Nice Guy!!

She got back to Town…

And Yeah………Here is another OPTION n in her life…


She doesn’t feel like talking to VISHAAL now!!

She is trying to avoid VISHAAL!!

And PRAVEEN is Her new Crush!!

She don’t have such feelings for SUNIL, RAHUL or For VISHAL

So OPTION Changed the Girl Now!

Sunil told her “Look. Do whatever u want…but never forget RAHUL, he is your Real Love, and you are only his”

But RITU gave a very unexpected Reply “love is not on conditions SUNIL”


That RAHUL was everything for her, till last few months

And now She changed her MIND!

Another OPTION………and the girl is changed!!

Totally changed!!

She is the same girl, who was alone in her life!!

She is the same girl who loved her Family, more then anything!

She is the same girl, who loved SUNIL sometime!!

She is the same girl who is Official Girlfriend of RAHUL!!


But OPTION always changed her!!

She became Selfish Now!!


She was never in Love

It was just Few Crushes!!

But she always thought that it was Love!!


Never Commit for this True Relation of Love…until u know that

“No Other Option would change your feelings”



Love is not that EASY…

It’s Tough!!

That’s why I never felt like falling in Love!!


I can’t cheat People!

I can’t make anyone an OPTION!!


If u love someone………..never make them an OPTION!!

OPTION is very powerful

It changes the Life!!

It changes the Person!!

It changes the Relation!!


Learn to distinguish your feelings

Get matured!!

Flirt Around…….no Problem….

But Never Commit, until u mean it!


And chose your life partner as the ONLY OPTION!!



GaUrAv JalAn