Sex !!! Are you ready for it ???
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Having a good relationship doesn't mean you have to have sex. But whatever you do, whether it's kissing, touching or having sex, it should always be something that you both want to do.

Sex is meant to be:

bulletsomething you decide to do whn you're ready to
bulletsomething that makes you both feel good
bulletsomething you can interrupt or stop at any time
bulletsafe (because you're both prepared with condoms to portect you from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy)

Sex isn't meant to be:

bulletthe only way to prove that you love someone
bulletsomething you feel pressured or forced into
bulletsomething you do because 'everyone else is doing it'
bulletsomething that makes you feel used.

Remember, if you've been kissing or touching but don't want to go any further, that's ok. Kissing is not a contract.

Trust and communication

The most important thing in a sexual relationship is that you trust the other person and you feel like you can communicate with them.

If you are considering a sexual relationship, or if you are in a sexual relationship, ask yourself:

bulletHow much do I trust this person to respect what I do and don't want to do?
bulletHow comfortable would I feel talking with them about safe sex and contraception?
bulletHow comfortable would I feel saying no to them?

Someone who loves you should respect your right to decide if and when to have sex.

If you don't feel ready to have sex, you could say "I really like you but I don't feel ready to have sex yet".

Sex and Pressure

"I kept on pushing his hands away but he just put them back there, then I just froze, I couldn't say anything, it was horrible".

What if someone has touched you or made you touch them in a sexual way, and you felt like you had no choice?

You might have

bulletfelt scared to say no
bulletfelt pressured into having sex, because they made you think that if you didn't, they'd break up with you, or they wouldn't like you
bulletbeen asleep or drunk and didn't really know what was going on
bulletbeen forced into sexual contact

No-one should force you into any type of sexual contact. In fact, this is sexual assault, and it is a crime that can be reported to the police.