Healthy relation?? do you have it ??
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A healthy relationship is based on respect.

It's when:

you have fun together

you both feel like you can be yourself

you can have different opinions and interests

you listen to each other

you trust each other

you can both compromise, say sorry, and talk arguments out

you don't have to spend all of you spare time together - you can spend time on your own, or with your own friends and family.


"I really love and trust my boyfriend, he's like one of my best friends and I can tell him anything. He just wants us to have fun together, there's no pressure, and he doesn't make a big deal of it if I don't want to do what he wants. I can be myself with him" - meenu.

Jealousy - is this love?

"I thought our relationship was fantastic at first. But now things have started happening that I don't understand. He gets mad a me for wanting to be with my friends. And any time he sees me speaking to any other guy he accuses me of flirting. He says it's because he loves me."

Jealousy might seem like a sign of love. But when someone uses anger or jealousy to try to control what you do, or acts like they 'own' you, this isn't love - it's control. You've got every right to talk to anyone you want to.