Breaking Up ?? are you ready for it ??
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Thinking about breaking up:

Breaking up can be a very difficult decision. Sometimes people say "why don't you just break up with him?", but often they don't understand how hard it can be to leave. You may be reluctant to break up with him, for lots of different reasons like:

bulletyou love him because he is still good to you sometimes
bulletyou hope he will change
bulletyou are scared to leave him because of what he could do
bulletall your friends have boyfriends and you'd feel left out or alone without him
bulletyou feel worthless without him
bullethe says he loves you
bulletyou feel you can't avoid him because he's at the same school or has the same friends.

It can be really hard to break up, especially if you still love him or if he says he loves you. But if he is treating you badly, this is not showing you love or respect. This kind of treatment can be very damaging for your self confidence. You deserve to have someone who says he loves you and shows he loves you by always treating you with respect.

Your boyfriend may really try to pressure you if you try to break up. If he thinks you will leave him, he might improve his treatment of you for a while but then go back to his old behaviour later, when he feels in control again. This is a common pattern in abusive relationships. Be suspicious if he promises to change when you leave or threaten to leave. If he hasn't respected your rights in the relationship so far, then how likely is it that he will change his attitude now?

The abuse and violence won't just go away - in fact, usually girls say it gets worse over time. Some have found that the abuse increased when they have tried to break up. Think carefully about your physical safety - if you are afraid of him, take these feelings seriously because you could be in real danger.