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COOL Cartoons, funniest side of Computers are sketched and are shown in a way of cartoons

LIGHT humour. u will luv it.



Software       Professional  

They are on Fire........ know more about them... Read the Diary of a Non resident Indian Software Engineer. Know the facts about Software Professionals !!
Its TRUE !!!



The King ??? then why does people make jokes on MICROSOFT......

well...whatever they might think.....but believe me this is the best humor section on MICROSOFT
it includes job@microsoft jokes... and more......



This section includes funny instances on how Multi National Computer Companies deal with Stupid customers. It includes CONSUMER WARNING,  CUSTOMER SUPPORT CALLS, TECH Support and much more. A person is confused and he cant find the "ANY" key after reading "press any key to Continue" ............REAL COOL




AARTI For Computer BABA, Your Computer/Mouse are Male or Female. R U addicted to Computers??? No i m not.....KHIRKIYAN 2000, the Hindi version of windows by BILL GATES

everything that u could expect for fun....with COMPUTERS



Bill Gates    

Can u Believe Songs like "Bill To Paagal Hai" and "Bill Gates Mila Raste Mai"

How could i leave this Computer KING.

So here is some funny stuff of Billu Bhaiya.