My Electronic Gadjets
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Electronic Gadgets I Own....
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My 8 Megapixel Digicam.
Amazing Camera With Stunning Shots. Very Handy, sleek with Extra ordinary Features and 2 GB of Mega-Memory.
My Compaq Notebook...
Nothing Special about it.
Its an average notebook
with below-average Performance.
Its Compaq 2620 TS.

ipod Shuffle.
Very Handy.
Very Light.
512 MB Memory.
Average Features.
Small n Compact.
Lack in Features.
No Screen :-(
but Convenien
The Best Phone...
has everything that one can think of..
Its a complete business phone.
the Best part of this phone is that, you don't have to update yourself for upcoming models in the market. because you are already carrying the best -
The Nokia 9500


Electronic Gadgets I Desire....

My Dream Machine

Sony VAIO - The Dream Machine.
I have no words to describe this machine. It has everything that u cant think, to make your life simply AMAZING.

SONY VAIO is the most Desirable Machine on this planet.
SONY HANDYCAM HDD. its an amazing handycam which writes movies on its inbuilt 30 GB Hard disk Drive. Another Desired Machine. Its SONY. Simpy Amazing. Sony Playstation 2.
Perfect companion to spend time with. Its a perfect gaming machine. with Adventure and Fun.
its HOT !


SONY LCD TV - high Reolution.
With Computer Connectivity.
Its the Best Master Piece for your home.
U hang it. U View it. and U Love it.
Enjoy !

It Can Play Video as well as Images.
Everything that u have Dreamt of. its Original IPOD with GBs of Capacity.
Nothing but the Pure Music.
the Purest form of Sound.
With amazing BASS

Simply the Best.................